Made for cross country flights, Avatar comes with an integrated new concept protector, a comfortable seat and an integrated neoprene leg cover. It has enough easy-to-reach pockets and big enough storage space for the pilot to take with him in flight, everything he may need. It is suitable for all levels of cross country pilots. The built-in cockpit can be adjusted to fit the pilot`s convinience. “Fresh out of the oven”, the Avatar is the go-to-harness if you are searching for the best cross country harness.


Size Pilot's height min/max (cm) Seat-board lenght/widht (cm) Suspension point (cm) Protector
S 158-165 36/31 41 16
M 166-172 36/31 41 16
L 173-180 36/31 43 16
XL 181-189 36/31 45 16
XXL 190-200 38/33 45 16

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